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 Internal users have to ensure that the e-mail password system is working. For this reason, please enter your Siemens e-mail address Your CES Password (this is NOT the Windows login password). If you have never used before the e-mail and password system offered by CES in the Internet or you have forgotten your password please use the “Forgot password?” link (located below the password login button) in order to receive a new or initial password. Please take into account that in this case you need access to your Siemens Mailbox for password receipt (e.g. mobile phone and smart mobile). From the Intranet you can access the “Forgot password” link via https://entitlement.siemens.com/myprofile . The link is located on the bottom right side below the E-Mail login button Internal users also have to ensure that the OTP is configured correctly (your Mobile Phone number is stored in the Entitlement Portal). Please use the Entitlement Self Services ( https://entitlement.siemens.com/myprofile ) for that purpose  In case you are an external user, the SCD sponsor of this user can act on behalf of him/her and activate the OTP. Please use the Entitlement User Service ( https://entitlement.siemens.com/useradmin ) for that purpose. For external users an alternative e-mail address (e.g. private e-mail address) can be configured for password management purposes (initial password receipt).

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