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HCS 490 Week 1 Discussion Question 2


Published on January 25, 2016

FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT How do you determine if a piece of health care information is reliable? Include an example of one reliable and one unreliable source that your classmates have not already used. When researching whether or not health care information is reliable or credible, several factors should come into play: 1. What are the professional credentials of the author of the information? 2. Is this a peer reviewed journal article or other form of health/medical industry study? 3. Is the information provided, been supported by the American Medical Association? The Food and Drug Administration or other professional groups within the health care arena? 4. Can the information be verified? By factual data or references to provide you with further avenues to research the authentication of the information? 5. Is the health care information fact based or just an opinion? 6. When was the information published? Or is the information published at all?

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