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To conclude this section, trainees must write an essay of five pages in which they will have to leave their impressions reflect ed the thematic worked on the course, also each argument will have to be supported with quotations and their references as well as per sonal conclusions which are left after talking and thinking during the course of the thematic, or point out the importance of these a nd if you have relevance for teachers to do. This webquest has the resources to help learners to take positions on various problems arising from the field of teaching, so i t is possible to rely on a number of teachers who have experience and the opportunity to research and reflect different phenomena an d challenges that come with being a teacher today and the reasons why it is important and essential to becoming a teacher. Likewi se it is also a means to raise awareness of the social function that we have with the community and society This WebQuest is created and published by using zWebQuest (http://zunal.com) Copyright © 2003 - 2008 | All rights Reserved The WebQuest engine code and templates designed by zunal.com (Zafer Unal, PhD.) All WebQuests published with this tool are property of their creators. However, permission is granted for others to print/distribute,share,use and modify this WebQuest for educational, non-commercial purposes as long as the original authorship is credited. Category and ScoresatisfactorycompliteuncompliteunsastisfactoryScore Total Score