Business Leader Presentation Project 2014

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Introduction to Business and Technology (Mrs. Wells) Course Standard 4 IBT-4: Analyze and integrate leadership skills and management functions within the business environment. Course Standard 6 IBT-6: Use professional oral, written, and digital communication skills to create, express, and interpret information and ideas. Foundation Skills CTAE-FS-3 Communications: Learners use various communication skills in expressing and interpreting information. CTAE-FS-4 Problem Solving and Critical Thinking: Learners define and solve problems, and use problem-solving and improvement methods and tools. CTAE-FS-5 Information Technology Applications: Learners use multiple information technology devices to access, organize, process, transmit, and communicate information. CTAE-FS-8 Leadership and Teamwork: Learners apply leadership and teamwork skills in collaborating with others to accomplish organizational goals and objectives. Business Ethics Students will examine evidence of business ethics displayed by business leaders.

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