COM 302 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Social and Ethical Aspec

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For more classes visit Week 5 Assignment Social and Ethical Aspects of Advertising and Promotion Resources: Ch. 22 of Advertising and Promotion and the University Library Debate one of the following social or ethical issues: Advertising is informative. vs Advertising is manipulative. Advertising creates and perpetuates stereotypes. Advertising creates images that consumers can relate to. Marketing is essential to familiarize consumers with useful products and services. Marketing is unnecessary because consumers do not believe advertisements. Outdoor advertising is an effective means of promoting products and services. Outdoor advertising pollutes the environment. Advertising aimed at children helps them develop important consumer-socialization skills. Advertising aimed at children is unethical. Advertising is based on the exercise of free will. Advertising encourages thoughtless consumption. Research your topic using the Opposing Viewpoints in Context database, available in the Specialized

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