ISCOM 373 Week 2 Procurement Strategies Review and Presentation

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For more course tutorials visit With your instructor’s approval, select an organization in which you identify and examine the customer (both internal and external to the organization), as well as the organization's procurement expectations. As stated in the week 1 assignment notice to your team, this may be an organization one of the team members is associated with. Prepare a 1,000-word minimum review in which the team assesses how these expectations influence and impact procurement strategies, policies, and procedures (both in the domestic and global arenas) within the supply chain of the chosen organization. Describe and diagram each step of the procurement process within your selected organization. Be sure to properly cite your references. Using the results of your review, prepare 8-10 Microsoft PowerPoint® slide presentation with detailed speaker’s notes from your team paper presenting your procurement strategies. Be prepared to discuss your findings and example in the Main Forum

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