GLG 101 Week 7 Assignment Deserts, Glaciers, and Climate

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For more classes visit GLG 101 Week 7 Assignment: Deserts, Glaciers, and ClimateResources: Ch. 13 of the text, China Desert video, and online animations Review the following Ch. 13 video, China Desert: Review the following animations: Types of Dunes: Glacial Landforms: Compare and contrast the geological features of a desert landscape and glacial landscape. Describe at least one process that creates the resulting landforms of each. Review pp. 402–410 on Global Climate Change. Respond to the following: Summarize the climate changes that have occurred from the past to the present. Responses must be a minimum of 350 words. Predict what you think the Earth will look like into the 21st century. Consider the weather and changes in geological features. Responses must be a minimum of 350 words. Post your responses together in the individual forum. Responses must be a minimum of 350 words each. Due day 7.

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