CMC 240 Week 3 DQS PART 1 OF 2

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For more course tutorials visit Discussion Questions State your topic and a single, well-defined question concerning the topic that you want to answer. Identify whether your intent is to persuade, inform, or present a solution. Identify your prospective audience by considering to whom this question is important. Suggest possible primary and secondary sources you might include in your information search. Consider responding to your classmates by adding comments or questions about primary and secondary sources that might be effective for their purpose and audience. are frequently encountered when you attempt to locate information. Sometimes an unlikely source turns out to be valuable; other times what you think will be a good lead turns out to focus on a topic altogether different than you expected. Stay focused on the goal of your search in order to filter and select quality evidence. How•Complete the following Information Search Interaction: o Post your response to the following: How will this interaction facilitate your individual information searches and strategies for your chosen topic? Consider responding to your classmates by comparing how similar your interaction experience was to theirs or by discussing other information search experiences you have had that were similar to theirs•What was the most valuable aspect of this interaction? •What did you learn from that process? •many times did you backtrack or start over to find information pertinent to your topic?

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