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©2014, Gig Harbor Academy. The Bridge is the Gig Harbor Academy school magazine. Gig Harbor Academy, 6820 32nd Street NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98335. Phone: 253.265.2150. CONTENTS MESSAGE FROM THE BOARD 1 MESSAGE FROM THE HEAD OF SCHOOL 3 ANNUAL REPORT 4 RECENT & UPCOMING IMPROVEMENTS TO OUR CAMPUS 6 CHILDREN’S GARDEN 7 SFN REPORT 8 COMMUNITY SERVICE REPORT 9 2013-14 GIVING REPORT 10 BEYOND THE TEST SCORES 12 SURVEY RESULTS 13 THE 2014 GRADUATING CLASS 14 DATES TO REMEMBER AND UPCOMING EVENTS 16 VISION Empower every child through joyful discovery MISSION Gig Harbor Academy cultivates an inclusive community that creates a child-centered learning environment. Academic excellence and compassionate, responsible citizenship anchor our approach to lifelong learning. HEAD OF SCHOOL Paul Raschke TEACHERS Heather Graves, Early Childhood Director Diana Nold, Preschool Christine Nelson , Preschool Assistant Carolyn VonZimmerman, Pre-K Nancy Manglona, Pre-K Assistant Kari Chavez-Cox, Kindergarten Kristen Wormley, First Grade Ilene Wider, Second Grade Julie Meyer, Third Grade Kallie Grochowski, Fourth Grade Veronica Vanslyke, Fourth Grade Je Funk, Fifth Grade Xinia Agee, Spanish Specialist Brian Holliday , Technology Specialist Ana Steel, Art Specialist Lynn Swanson, Music Specialist Veronica Vanslyke , PE Specialist STAFF Susan Lomow, Dir. Admissions & Marketing Cristina McDougall, Dir. of Operations & Assistant to the Head of School Kathleen Stanley, Business Manager BOARD Chela Mitchell, President Joel McFarland, Vice President Elizabeth Gray, Past President, Secretary Max Ostner, Treasurer Ryan Backlund, Director Mike Berger, Director Julie Dugan, Director VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR LATEST NEWS

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