survey results

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Our survey was answered by fifty different people. From analysing the results, I can form an idea of the target audience for my film, from the responses to each question and opinions from individuals given after open answers. The first question on the survey is “How old are you?” Above you can see the information from the answer. Our biggest target audience is under 18’s as 7- % of our responses were from under 18 year olds. The second question about gender was answered by forty-nine people and skipped by one person, indicating they aren’t happy with revealing their sex. From the results we can see the mass of our target audience gender is females, with 77.55% of answers being female. The third question is about occupation. This is important so we can figure out the class of our target audience. Although, as we can already figure out from the average age of our candidates answering questions, the majority of them have responded with being students and may also be working part time as well. We had 47 responses to the question “How often do you watch horror movies” with the most popular answer being ‘Once every so often’ with 51.06% of votes. This suggests that our target audience will only be interested in watching our horror if it is exceptionally good and extremely scary. As they only watch horror films every so often, the odds are that they only give a horror movie there time if it has an interesting plot, good reviews and a very scary trailer. The fifth question is “What are your opinions of the synopsis given at the start of the questionnaire? We received a couple of replies indicating that they didn’t read the synopsis, the odd answer indicating the film isn’t for them. Although, the majority of the responses indicate that people think the synopsis is very interesting and an idea they would like to see on screen. “What sub-genre do you prefer?” There was a mixture of results, with votes for every single option. Although, the popular Psychological sub-genre of horror won with 52.78% with comedy shortly behind with 41.67% and in third place thriller at 36.11% all of the options have votes. “How do you watch your favourite movies?” The answers to this question indicate that our target audience would prefer to watch their movies online or on DVD release. This suggests that they do not enjoy the cinema experience, as much as watching a movie at the comfort of their home. From their occupation question results, this could also suggest that as they are mainly students working part-time jobs, they cannot afford to spend money at the cinema, or may not have the time. The next question is “When you go to a cinema, what encourages you to watch a specific movie?” The results are mixed. There are almost half of the results answering they choose to watch a film depending on the actors in it. And the other half focuses more on the plot of the film. Some responses also say they will go to see a film depending on the trailer, if they like the look of a specific