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CHILDREN ARE EVERYONE’S BUSINESS: WORKBOOK 2.0 2 UNICEF, www.unice.org/csr. Acknowledgements, disclaimer and copyright This publication was developed through a consultative process and benefted rom the expertise o a wide range o contributors, including the companies that provided eedback as part o the UNICEF Business and Children’s Rights Tools Pilot 2013: Arcor, Aviatur, Banco Popular, BSR, Cisneros, Conederation o Indian Industry, Danish Institute or Human Rights, DTAC, Enodo Rights, Etipres, Grupo ICE, HCL Technologies, IKEA, ING, Kuoni, Mercantil Banco Universal, Nissan, Nomogaia, Nordic Choice Hotels, Novo Nordisk, Pyramid Consulting, Rosy Blue, Sanoma, Sime Darby, Sansiri, Srinivasan Services Trust, Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget SCA, Teleonica, Telenor, Telenor Pakistan, TwentyFity, Two Tomorrows, Unilever, Vision Banco and Zynergy Projects & Services Private Limited. A frst drat o the workbook was developed in 2011 by Joanne Dunn, Maya Forstater, Margaret Wacheneld and Simon Zadek, and benefted rom the expertise o the ollowing individuals: Chris Avery, Carlotta Barcaro, David Bull, Malena Bengtsson, David Clark, Sara Damber, Aidan Davy, Rachel Davis, Michele Ferenz, Colleen Galbraith, Gianluca Galdenzi, Adrienne Gardaz, Rina Gill, David Girling, Halshka Graczyk, John E. Grova, Susan Gunn, Julia Hawkins, Adrian Henriques, Alison Holder, Bettina Kaltenhaeuser, Ravi Karkara, Harpreet Kaur, Theresa Kilbane, Gerison Lansdown, Mauricio Lazala, Larissa Luy, Lesley Miller, John Morrison, Rada Noeva, Yoshie Noguchi, Erik Nyman, Clare O’Brien, Isabel Ortiz, Ludimila Palazzo, Camilla Ravnboel, Judita Reichenberg, Rita Roca, Verity Rowles, Vesna Savic Frances Sheahan, Ben Smith, Clara Sommarin, Simon Steye, Camelia Tepelus, Elizabeth Umlas, Berit Wirths and Ursula Wynhoven. All rights to this guide remain with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). No part o this document may be replicated or redistributed without the prior written permission o UNICEF. A reerence to a non-UNICEF website does not imply endorsement by UNICEF o the accuracy o the inormation contained therein or o the views expressed. Reerences to specifc organizations or companies are included to highlight activities and practices in relation to children’s rights; they are not to be considered an endorsement o particular organizations, companies, products or services. For more inormation, please contact us at csr@unice.org. Research, writing, design and editing UNICEF Corporate Social Responsibility Unit: Amaya Gorostiaga, Bo Viktor Nylund, Eija Hietavuo, Ida Hyllested, Joanne Patroni and Subajini Jayasekaran. UNICEF Private Fundraising and Partnerships Design Unit: James Elrington and Bruno Rocha. Editor: Catherine Rutgers. December 2013 © 2013 United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Geneva.