INB 205 Week 6 Assignment

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For more course tutorials visit • Resources: International Business pp. 407-409, 426-427, and Ch. 14 • Due Date: Day 7 [Individual forum] • Read pp. 407-409, Wal-Mart Takes on the World. • Consider the following scenario: Your boss, the CEO of Wal-Mart, is interested in expanding operations into India. You have been asked to prepare a presentation for the company stakeholders that will inform them of the status of the market in India. • Create a 7- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation detailing the findings of the screening process you use to analyze the market in India. At the end of your presentation, you should make a recommendation whether or not Wal-Mart should enter the market in India and back up your recommendation with data from your screening of the market. • Use speaker’s notes to provide detailed factual information. • Include a reference slide using at least 3 sources formatted in APA format. • Post your presentation as an attachment

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