Titanium Satellite is a design, development, wholesale and retail distribution company with over 30 years of industry experience. Experienced technicians design and develop here in the USA to meet the highest international standards and excellence in performance. Titanium products are built tough, independently tested and guaranteed to last in the harshest environments.

If you are a distributor, reseller, drop-shipper, dealer, technician or installer and looking for quality satellite products with excellent after-sale support for your valued customers, Titanium Satellite will customize a profitable reseller and distribution program based on your needs! We understand, listen and implement your regional and international market requirements.

Titanium Satellite offers expansive knowledge and experience in real world product integration and customer support, which is backed by strong relationships in the manufacturing, distribution and broadcast sectors. Have an idea for a revolutionary product or a simple improvement on current technology? Titanium Satellite will work alongside you and provide full service support to bring your concept to market. We are able to lead or assist with a range of services including: product analysis, feature development, benchmark testing, parts sourcing, production management, licensing and compliance, importation and distribution solutions.

Contact us today for quality products that are designed, built and optimized for performance, value and reliability. Titanium Satellite pledges to provide exceptional products and unmatched customer support!