COM 135 Week 3 Assignment Written Communication in the Corporate

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For more course tutorials visit Assignment: Written Communication in the Corporate Environment • Resource: Pages 130-165 in Technical Writing: Process and Product (5th ed.) • Due Date: Day 7 [Individual] forum • Read the following scenario: Discontinuation of major equipment components for a computer network upgrade will cause a major setback in the installation of the network for a project you are managing. You must provide information about the delay to your project team members, to upper management, and to your client (a banking institution). • Consider how much information and what type of communication (email, memo, or letter) is appropriate for each party. • Write a letter to one party, a memo to one party, and an email to one party. Each communication should be a maximum of 250 words. • Explain your choice of communication for each party. • Use appropriate grammar, spelling, style, and format for each type of communication. • Post your completed assignment as an attachment.

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