COM 135 Week 7 Assignment Proposals

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For more course tutorials visit Assignment: Proposals • Resources: Ch. 17 in Technical Writing: Process and Product (5th ed.) and the Microsoft® Word Tutorial: Creating Tables • Due Date: Day 7 [Individual] forum • Review the Microsoft® Word Tutorial: Creating Tables at Consider the following scenario: Management at your project management firm wants to ensure staff members are fully trained on new technologies before planning, developing, and maintaining information technology projects for clients. As a result, your managers have decided to implement training for your company’s 25-member project team. The training will focus on a variety of software application packages, starting with a Microsoft® Project application. You have been asked to write an internal proposal for this training. You have also been asked to write an external proposal for the same type of training. • Create a table that shows the different elements that are found in an internal proposal and an external proposal for this training. • Summarize why the two proposal types are different in terms of these elements. • Post your completed assignment as an attach

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