COM 140 Checkpoint Characteristics of Interpersonal Communicatio

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For more course tutorials visit CheckPoint: Characteristics of Interpersonal Communication For effective, written business communication, writers must consider several factors: the purpose of the communication, the identity of the audience members (including their probable reactions, amount of information they already have, obstacles that must be overcome, and expectations that should be fulfilled), appropriate tone, and relevant content. Keep these factors in mind as you complete the following CheckPoint. COM 140 Contemporary Business Communication Course Syllabus Page 10 Resources: Appendix B and Keys to Effective Business Communication Due Date: Day 4 [Individual] forum Read the following scenario: In this scenario, assume the role of a student. You have read assignment details in your course syllabus, but you are still unsure what to do. Think about how you would approach your instructor versus how you would approach a classmate to receive more information about the assignment. Review the factors of purpose, audience, tone, and structural content in the Week One reading Keys to Effective Business Communication. Complete the table in Appendix B to determine the appropriate purpose, audience, tone, and content for each type of interpersonal communication noted in the scenario. Post the CheckPoint as an attachment

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