COM 150 Week 5 CheckPoint

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For more course tutorials visit CheckPoint: Thesis Statement You must create a thesis statement for every academic paper you write. Often appearing at the end of the introduction, the thesis statement informs readers in a concise manner of your intention in writing the paper. The thesis consists of one declarative sentence that summarizes the main idea of your essay in 25 words or fewer. • Resources: Thesis Statements, the Axia College Writing Resources Web Site, and the Thesis Generator • Due Date: Day 3 [Individual] forum • Review Thesis Statements and How to Develop a Thesis Statement at at the Axia College Writing Resources Web Site. • Use the Thesis Generator at to help you draft and refine your thesis statement. COM 150 Effective Essay Writing Course Syllabus Page 18 1. Log on to the Axia Web site at 2. Select Tools & Tutorials in the My Learning Resource drop-down menu 3. Click on the Center for Writing Excellence link. 4. Select Tutorials & Guides. 5. Click on the Automated Tool for Developing your Thesis Statement link. • Post your thesis statement for your instructor’s approval and feedback. 6. Discussion

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