Finding the Meaning of Life

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From the human point of view, life does appear meaningless; and it is easy for us to get negative. The good news is that life is “not meaningless” if we live a life loving God, and that is what the book of Ecclesiastes teaches in this neglected and often misunderstood book. The purpose of the book of Ecclesiastes is to investigate life as a whole to find meaning in life. Is life worth living, or what is life’s profit? The book of Ecclesiastes sets out to investigate thoroughly what makes life worth living and to find meaning in life. The book establishes the utter meaningless of life not centered on God but based upon things like earthly possessions, ambitions, and status. The message of Ecclesiastes is for today. The Teacher sounds modern because he so vividly captures the despair of the world without God. The difference, though, is that the Teacher did believe God exists but the Teacher questions God’s love and concern for the world (Ecclesiastes 5:1-7). Amazingly, the book of Ecclesiastes strikes a responsive chord in all ages. Even today, its words show up in songs and speeches year after year.

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