sphere Volume 3 Number 2

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2 Regent’s Review by Dr. William J. Bennett, FICD; Regent, District 16 At this year’s meeting in San Antonio I will be at the end of my term as District 16 Regent. As I get older time does seem to move faster. To illustrate, my four years of dental school took longer than the four years as an ICD Regent. It does not seem that long since I graduated from dental school but it was some time ago. Dentis- try and what is expected of us has changed con- siderably. To be sure, the view of professional behavior is much different now than it was then. We dentists and other health care professionals are facing many challenges. Some of these chal- lenges are the same issues of the past but oth- ers are different. The current high costs of edu- cation are affecting our new young colleagues in ways not seen in the past. Our shrinking world is also influencing our profession and life. Being involved in respected professional, civic and charitable organizations has meant a great deal to me. It has given me a sense of unity for common purpose and goals. It has meant help- ing others and in doing so helping myself. It has given me a source of treasured friendships with individuals who inspire, set the bar higher and mentor me. If I had not been involved or taken that extra step, my personal and professional life would not have been as full. Now more than ever before young dentists need the same support and guidance. It will be of great benefit to them and the dental profession in the future. It has been an honor and great pleasure to serve as ICD District 16 Regent. There is no place like the South! We have a strong District with many leaders in all levels and types of or- ganizations and activities. ICD is about leaders and we have the best among us. It is always humbling to read the listing of ICD Fellows. The local and world humanitarian efforts and inspi- ration to others is what also makes the ICD exceptional. I have met some wonderful people during my years in the ICD. I have friends that I would not have met from places I would not have visited. We talk about fishing, travel, family, dentistry, treating people in need and what the ICD can accomplish here and around the world. It has made a hard day at the office less of a problem. We are able as dentists to relieve pain and suf- fering and bring a smile to a face. Together we can make a difference and overcome the chal- lenges of today and tomorrow. See the ICD website www.usa-icd.org. Someone believed in you and took the time and effort to place your nomination to the foremost dental honorary organization in the world. I will be forever grateful to my sponsor. Give some- one you know the honor next year. Our new Regent, Dr. Bettie McKaig of North Carolina and Vice Regent Dr. Kirk Norbo of Virginia and our District would appreciate it too.