Elixir Excerpt 2


Published on November 28, 2014

31. EXT BELVEDERE GARDENS - DAY The summer house of Queen Anne of Austria is in the background. In the foreground are the gardens. THE GOLDPLANTER, an alchemist of about fifty (50), dressed in his fur robes and hat, is measuring out the ground with a brass calculating rod and making marks. Meanwhile, The Emperor RUDOLPH is energetically digging with his spade. When the earth is loosened, he digs a small hole with the trowel and pops a gold coin into it from a bag which he carries. He covers it with earth. DEE and KELLEY watch, fascinated. THE TREASURER is standing by, making notes. RUDOLPH I've already planted one row of French doubloons over there. And over there, a row of Russian roubles. Winter crop. (he stops, addresses TREASURER) Is that correct? The TREASURER bows. RUDOLPH (cont'd) (CONT’D) He's my treasurer. Tightfisted bastard. He pulls another coin from the bag, looks at it and then turns to DEE. RUDOLPH (cont'd) (CONT’D) Do you have any English gold? DEE immediately digs around in his purse and produces a gold sovereign, which he holds out to RUDOLPH with a bow. RUDOLPH remarks DEE's dusty attire. RUDOLPH (cont'd) (CONT’D) You do it. You look like someone who's good with soil. DEE reluctantly takes the spade and sets about digging a hole. He starts to perspire and has great difficulty. RUDOLPH watches him with interest. RUDOLPH (cont'd) (CONT’D) Not too difficult? Soil alright? DEE It seems perfectly good soil, Your Majesty. But I am no judge. I had hoped to engage you in something of great importance. DEE is on his knees with the spade. He puts the coin in the ground and covers it with earth.