Jason Gurney

Jason Gurney


Importing and Exporting of commercial bench top equipment for the hospitality industry.
Example - meat slicers, bench top fryers, hot food bars, hamburger presses, sausage fillers, under bench refrigeration and commercial French crepe cookers, waffle cookers, pofferjies cookers, Potato Ovens, Commercial refrigeration and accessories.

Agents For:-

JDM Australia Bench Top Equipment.

Crepe World, Crepe cookers and accessories.

Potato Ovens Australasia

Starling Electric conveyor ovens and Toasters.

Gurbare Show Case Refrigeration

The Orford Refrigeration Group of Refrigeration.

Xtreme Fuel Treatment Distributor,

Increases Fuel Mileage in Diesel and Petrol Engines.
Prolongs Engine Life
Reduces Harmful Emissions up to a third,
Prolongs life of stored fuels.
Improves Performance

Creating a Cleaner world for all of us.