Summer Read: Matched

September 25, 2013  |  By  | 

This story is a sad one of a girl who lives in a society who exists long after ours. In this Society, the head officials decide everything over people's lives and monitor them all the time. Also they get to make important decisions in your life like what your are destined to work as and who you will marry. Well, Cassia Reyes is Matched to her best friend Xander and then to a guy name Ky who is an aberration in this society. When she sees this she is confused because it was clearly a mistake and the Society never makes mistakes. An official tells her that the microcard was wrong and to only tell her grandfather who is supposed to die that week (everyone dies at 80). She tells him and he gives her a poem that is forbidden which tells her to doubt and make her own decisions. After he dies, she starts a new activity, Hiking, because in this society they eliminated everything that we used to do that destroyed our planet. There she starts to become acquainted to Ky and in the end starts loving him. She sees him so different and follows her grandfathers advice of making her own decisions. She escapes from this Society with Ky and leaves Xander because she doesn't truely love him.

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