4.9 Science Study Guide

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14. A forestry company cuts down trees along the river and sells them to lumber companies. Which action could they take to help the water quality? - Replant pine trees on the land after clearing it 15.Dogwoods are the most common type of plant found in Virginia. 16.Lead is not naturally found in an outdoor environment. 17. Identify each important use of land in Virginia. (eliminate two choices) Exploring rain forests for vacation Parks and playgrounds for communities Golf courses for recreation National forest conservation Farming for food and products Visiting desert habitats for tourists 18. 60% of Virginia land is covered by forests 19. Farming would be impossible without which natural resource - soil 20. Hunting Virginia's game animals — can help keep some species from overpopulating 21.Which animal found in Virginia would most likely not be used as a resource for a finished product? (Which one is not going to make a meal for your dinner?) A Cow B Chicken C Chipmunk D Fish 21. Which energy source causes the least damage to the environment? Wind

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