Ebulletin issue #007

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2 DISTRICT 3780, Quezon City CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE _______________________________ Please print name clearly _______________________________ Home Club _______________________________ Classification _______________________________ Signature of Visiting Rotarian We are happy to welcome you to our Regular meeting tonight This will serve as your Make-up Card _______________________________ Club Secretary Date ________________ Place ____________________ The Spirit of Rotary The Spirit of Rotary is in the very essence of its soul. It is invisible, intangible, indefinable, but it is the most real thing about Rotary. It changes casual contacts into growing friendships: transform dull duties into inspiring privileges. Where the Spirit of Rotary is, there is liberty. It sets us free from the bondage of prejudice and bigotry, and binds us all together in the ties of understanding and brotherhood. The Spirit of Rotary is like the gentle rain from heaven. It cleans away selfishness, melts down the barriers that separate men, dissolves discord into harmonies, changes competition into cooperation, reveal the beauty of life and the inherent nobilities of every man.

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