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Foreword By The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent in and over Worcestershire Excellent Companion Colin Peter Thomas Brown It is with great pleasure that I put pen to paper to mark this 50 th Anniversary Commentary on the History of Vernon Chapter. It has often been said that to start a new Lodge or Chapter is easy. The difficult task is to sustain it over the years. I can only congratulate all the members of Vernon Chapter, past and present, for not only sustaining but developing the Chapter into the excellent Masonic unit it must be acknowledged to be. A Golden Jubilee is a very special event and must be celebrated as such. On the 21 st November 2014 Vernon Chapter will celebrate its actual founding with the dedication of a Chapter Banner – the first in the 200 year history of the Royal Arch Province of Worcestershire. A Chapter is only as good as its members and the success of the Chapter is determined by how the members interact with each other. This Chapter has a character all of its own as a consequence of its members working hard together, enjoying each other’s company and having fun. Well done for the first 50 years and good fortune and good health for the next.

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