MGT 557 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment Rock n Roll Negotiator P

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For more course tutorials visit The Negotiators are a popular and successful rock-n-roll band. This year their contract with the publisher R-n-R Label expires. The Negotiators’ members, Jimmy, Tinny, and Janice all believe that they deserve a monetary increase, and if they cannot obtain it, they will not renew their contract with the R-n-R Label. There are differences, however, among the band members: Jimmy wants a 10% increase, Tinny a 15% increase, and Janice a 20% increase. As the band members lack negotiating skills, they decide to hire the firm Agent-town as their negotiator. Divide your Learning Team into two groups. One group should take the role of The Negotiators and the other should take the role of a company called Agent-town. Consider the influence of agents, constituencies, coalitions, and audiences on negotiations.Decide on a mutually accepted increase supported by all band members. Explain the following in an essay of no more than 1,500 words: • How The Negotiators agreed on an increase percentage • How the band members as constituencies managed their agent • How Agent-town will manage the constituencies and audiences • How all parties (The Negotiators and Agent-town) agreed on an increase percentage

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