RDG 415 Week 2 Assignment Informal Reading Assessments Questions

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For more course tutorials visit www.uophelp.com What are the components of an Informal Reading Inventory (IRI)? What reading skill does an oral retelling check? Look at the Concepts About Print Checklist. Explain the importance of students having some of these skills before they enter kindergarten. How might lower socioeconomic students be at a disadvantage in knowing these skills. What are metacomprehension strategies? What is a miscue analysis? What is the difference between a summative evaluation and a formative evaluation? What are the major limitations of standardized tests? What are some characteristics of adept “kid watchers” with respect to the observation of reading skills? Describe the levels of reading abilities. These are the levels you will identify as you work through Miller’s IRI with your client. Write at least two questions that this week’s readings generated

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