PLD Program General Infomation

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The 21st century is an increasingly complex and ever changing period of time. Students are already active participants in the online digital world and virtual environments. As technology improves and new discoveries are made, our students will have unprecedented access to information. They will be judged by how they utilise their knowledge, think critically and creatively, and work collaboratively to solve problems. It is essential that we continue to adopt best practice as we educate students about how they interact with this digital environment based on the values of our Catholic faith. Appropriate use of technology assists teachers in the provision of relevant learning experiences that motivate and inspire students, promote a love of learning and challenge students to achieve their own personal best. As part of the College’s Strategic Plan, an eLearning Taskforce was established in 2012 and assumed a signicant leadership role in the development of the College eLearning Plan. The ultimate objective for the taskforce was the development of a clear, coherent, well-researched plan designed to improve learning and teaching within the College and prepare students for life in the 21st century. It is a very exciting time as the College enacts its eLearning Plan and scales its ability to meet the learning needs of our 21st-century learners. Our teachers are excited about the possibilities that a 1:1 model will bring to teaching, and our students are excited too. The College, through its Personal Learning Device Program, will better equip students to make a positive difference in this ever changing world. I know you will be excited too as we develop men of faith, equipped for the demands of this increasingly complex future. John Couani • Principal St Pius X College is a fagship school in eLearning 21st-century education integrates technologies, engaging students in ways not previously possible, creating new learning and teaching possibilities, enhancing achievement, and extending interactions with local and global communities. MCEETYA ICT in Schools Taskforce

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