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ABOUT PROJECT NEPAL. Despite some progress in poverty reduction in recent years, Nepal remains one of the poorest countries in the world, with a Human Development Index of 0.463, placing it 157th out of 187 countries listed in the United Nations Development Programme’s Human Development Report 2013. Over 30 per cent of Nepalese live on less than US$14 per month. In the remote hill and mountain zones, the terrain is rugged, rainfall is low and the poor-quality soil is difcult to farm. Agricultural holdings per household are the smallest in the country and these are the areas Projects Worldwide is looking to help. Projects Worldwide is committed to working with rural communities to improve their education and health facilities. Our work is physical and measurable – we sponsor small to medium scale construction and renovation projects that are requested by the rural communities. Working with pre-existing educational and health establishments means the projects are typically more viable in the long term; their impact on the quality of education and healthcare provision is immense and measurable.

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