HRM548 Week 2 Assignment InterClean-EnviroTech Merger Memo

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For more course tutorials visit InterClean–Enviro Tech Merger Memo: Review the following document to understand the issues that need to be addressed in the memo: InterClean – EnviroTech Merger Scenario on your rEsource page. Review following two documents in the Course Materials forum to understand how the memo is graded: Week 2 Grading Rubric for Memo Memo Format Guidelines for Course Assignments Write at least a 1,050- word memo using a minimum of 6 different peer-reviewed sources beyond the course texts. In the memo, you’ll determine when rightsizing is appropriate and which steps are necessary to implement this process for the InterClean–EnviroTech Merger. Be sure to address the following questions within the paper: What are the viable options the company has at this point? When might rightsizing be appropriate for this company? Assuming that all alternatives, other than job elimination, have been ruled out, how can the company implement the plan in a manner that is both ethical and legal? When the choice is involuntary separations, what steps must be taken?

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