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Chapter 20: Northward Bound Harriet boarded the boat and set sail to be free. Harriet could not trust the sailors and wondered if the captain would give them up as property to get more money. After about 10 days at see, she arrived and was free. Quotes “I reminded him how he, a gray- headed man, had treated had treated a helpless child, who had been placed in his power, and what years of misery he had brought upon her.” This quote demonstrates realism because she has had her power taken away by being a slave. As a slave you are manipulated and told to do things regardless if it is right or wrong for you. Slave owners have success at this tactic because slaves are uneducated and don’t know any better. “Countless were the nights that I sat late at the little loophole scarcely enough to give me a glimpse of one twinkling star. There, I heard the patrols and slave- hunters conferring together about the capture of runaways, well knowing how rejoiced they would be to catch me.” This quote shows realism because it shows Harriet’s determination to do what it takes to escape for a better life. The risk she is taking by hiding is huge because she could get caught and punished badly, but is she waits for her chance she can survive and live a better life. “When I entered the vessel the captain came forward to meet me. He was an elderly man, with a pleasant countenance.” This quote demonstrates realism because she is willing to do what it takes to become free. This represents the last step she has to take to get to where she wants. At this point she realizes how far she has come and there is no looking back now.

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