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Page 2 of 18 t IUM we believe that entire universe is one family. Today, as the global community becomes interconnected, it gives us an opportunity to celebrate the diversity, learn from different cultures, ideas, religions, and ways of life, to become more aware of our common human bond. We also firmly believe that “today’s youth is today’s citizen” . Therefore, t hey have the responsibility to understand today’s global challenges and put their creative minds together to make this universe a better place to live. In order to make our youth a better “ global citizen ”, we have to empower and expose them to diverse global environment. Keeping this in mind our 2015 Study Abroad Trip designed for CWRU students is inspired from Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902), a monk from India (Bharat). In 1893, Vivekananda brought the universal message of Vedanta to the West. He wanted to infuse the ancient, spiritual values of Vedanta into the dynamic, creative power of the West. He hoped the West would temper its materialism by learning from Bharat, the home of ancient Vedic culture. In exchange, he wanted the West’s vitality to rub off on India, to help India shake off its lethargy. His life and teachings stand as a meeting point between East and West. Most of the projects on this trip are inspired from Vivekananda ’s values and teachings. This trip will not only acquaint our students with rich cultural heritage of India, but will also expose them to challenges of developing nation. They will also experience several organizations who are turning these challenges into opportunities at grass root level. In this two weeks journey we will travel about 2000 Kms, crossing over 12 different city/town/villages of three states of southern India. We will experience multiple Indian languages, food, cultural heritage and scenic natural beauty while crossing this landscape. We will also see world class NGO’s, such as Akshay Patra, SVVYM, and SVVM in action. We will be visiting one of its kind world famous Universities and training centers such as SVYASA, Infosys training center and Amrita University. This trip will be filled with fun and joy exploring forts, lakes, wild life, beaches, temples, traditional dance, and ancient martial art. Meeting with spiritual leaders, highly educated monks, University vice chancellors and faculties will take your learning experience to next level. Serving food to about 1000 children in schools and meeting with slum children who are determined to become a good citizens despite of all adversities will give meanings to our life. On this trip we will be interacting with several community leaders and public health workers fighting to defeat hunger, poverty and issues of health- hygiene in deep tribal areas of India. It’s an opportunity for us to be part of this vibrant academic group. We wish you all good luck and a productive learning experience on this trip. Sudesh Agrawal, PhD Tej Kumar Pareek, PhD, MBA Co-Founder & President IUM Co-Founder, VP & CEO IUM

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