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Siemon’s New LightStack system combines superior perormance and ultra high density with unmatched accessibility - all packaged in a sleek, modern 1U enclosure that manages fbre cabling like never beore. CONNECTING THE WORLD TO A HIGHER STANDARD Elegantly designed enclosures facilitate up to 144 bres (LC) and 864 bres (MTP) within 1U ULTRA HIGH DENSITY: Unlatch and swing open clips for complete access to any jumper with ample capacity to route all jumpers in one direction SUPERIOR JUMPER MANAGEMENT: Divider is there when you need it and gone when you don’t. Slides inward for complete access to all connectivity at the rear of stacked enclosures UNMATCHED ACCESSIBILITY: Highest performing Plug and Play Modules and Adapters can be single-handedly installed and removed from the front or rear LOW LOSS CONNECTIVITY: LightStack Siemon’s NEW ultra high density bre enclosure. ™ Learn more:

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