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“Encephalitis in Children - A Guide” (2nd Version, September 2014) First Published: March 2006 Review Date: September 2017 Published by: The Encephalitis Society Designed by: Finkk Limited. www.fnkk.com 2014 Copyright ISBN: 978-0-9552180-8-8 Support line 44 (0)1653 699 599 The Encephalitis Society The Encephalitis Society is an international charity and the only organisation o our kind in the world dedicated to supporting adults and children aected by Encephalitis. The Society provides support and inormation to all people aected by Encephalitis across the globe, and to a variety o proessionals and organisations rom health, social care and education. The Society works in conjunction with academic and clinical partners to promote and conduct high quality research into Encephalitis and its consequences, and promote high standards or patient diagnosis, management and care. e are etreel grateful to The Eden Dora Trust for funding that enabled the design and print of this Guide. About this Guide This Guide is a comprehensive inormation resource aiming to improve the quality o lie o children aected by Encephalitis and their amilies. It ollows the child and their amily’s journey rom the hospital ward, to the rehabilitation setting, school and home, hoping to direct them through the maze o health care, education and social services. A recent survey to parents highlighted the importance o having the right inormation at the right time. Children and amilies need to understand what has happened to them, what they can do to maximise their recovery and what to expect rom the uture. This Guide not only provides medical acts about Encephalitis and Acquired Brain Injury that can ollow, but can also give practical tips or all amily members to enable them to appropriately look ater themselves and the child aected. The inormation provided in this Guide is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient and medical proessionals. Should any o the inormation raise issues or give you reason or concern we would ask that you contact the ofce via our support line 44 (0)1653 699599 or alternatively we can be contacted by email on support@encephalitis.info Geographical limitations The Guide is aimed at all amilies o children aected by Encephalitis irrespective o where you live. But certain inormation in the book such as details o organisations and legislation apply only to the UK or some parts o the UK. I you live outside these areas you are encouraged to fnd similar organisations to those reerenced and consult the legislation which is applicable to the area you live in. Find us online at www.encephalitis.info

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