Mayke Niestadt

Mayke Niestadt


I like to describe myself as a happy soul on a mission to change the world. After the awakening to my life path I knew that guiding, inspiring and assisting others on their journey is what I am here to do. I dream of a world where people live in harmony with themselves and each other. I dream of a world where love unites us, where we remember that we are all one. To me the new definition of a billionaire is 'he or she who positively affects the lives of one billion people' and this is my mission.

With my first company Buck Models, I am doing so by being the best employer I can be. We recognize talent and drive and see our employees for who they truly are: not just for their pretty looks. We train our team to be the best version of themselves and to be happy, healthy & hospitable. For the most motivated and dedicated employees we find a job that is aligned with their path, their dreams and their learning curve.

With my second company The Inner Beauty Retreat I aim to guide young women, men and entrepreneurs through a inner journey with the purpose of reconnecting to your essence. When we remember who we truly are, we are able to start living from the heart. By following our intuition and staying true to ourselves, not only our lives become much more filled with happiness, joy, balance and inner peace - even more so, we will inspire the lives of others around us. Because by changing our inner worlds, we can make significant changes in our outer worlds.