Career Exploration Project

November 21, 2014  |  By  | 

Part 1: Inrtroduction The career I am interested in is Large Animal Medicine and Equine Chiropractic wellness. Large animal medicine focuses on illness, injuries, yearly required vaccines, euthanasia when needed, and also assisting in the births of equine and livestock if needed. Equine chiropractic wellness focuses on the skeletal structure, relieving pressure, muscle tension relief, and in some cases, aiding in lameness in hips, shoulders, and neck. In these careers I am looking to help those who cannot speak and make a situation go from bad to wonderful. Figuring out what is wrong with a body that is unable to communicate, accept through slight bodily movements, takes a special touch. Watching a skilled chiropractor work on a horse is a unique experience. A chiropractor must have an even more sensitive touch to know what is wrong. I’m looking for a rewarding, not only financially, fun, and busy career where I’m never doing the same action every day. Large animal medicine is not only about giving life, it is also about aiding in death. Watching an animal suffer and finally be able to rest is also a unique experience, but knowing the animal is no longer in pain is just as rewarding. Help animals feel better is a good favor to give, but helping animals rest is an even bigger favor. With an introverted personality, yet sometimes extroverted, it can aid in my connections with the owners and the animals. Having a sensing facet to my personality allows me to rely mostly on my senses to gain information, which is also hand in hand with my kinesthetic learning style. Along with a sensing facet of my personality, I also have a thinking part. A thinker can weigh the pros and cons of a situation and not let personal feelings and emotion get in the mix.

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