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NOVEMBER 2014 2 News From the 2’s Miss Lisa and I would like to welcome all our 2s and their families to our room at the Madison Co-Op. September is the month for getting to know one another and the routines of the school day. We have been singing lots of songs to help us learn the names of our classmates and teachers. As an introduction to color we read and listened to many variations of the story, Brown Bear. The children enjoyed using magnet pieces and predicting the order the animals appear. We have just finished a unit on apples. The children first observed them by just looking, some observations: they have different colors, some are red, green, yellow and pink, some are small, some are big. The children then touched, squeezed and tasted the apples. We then took a look inside, cut the apples and made applesauce. October will be the month for pumpkins and spiders! We look forward to many happy fall adventures! !