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www.postregister.com Getthelatestinnews,entertainment andshopping,anywayyoulikeit! WiththePostRegister’sNEWMobileApp! COMINGSOON! postregister.com/apps Checkout ournew Mobile App! todownloadyourfreeappTODAY! Bronco fiesta Boise State made a late defensive stand to hold off No. 12 Arizona 38-30 in the Fiesta Bowl on Wednesday. Story, Page A9 THURSDAY, JANUARY 1, 2015 POST REGISTER A 2 people talk Edward Herrmann , the tow- ering, melodious-voiced actor who brought Franklin D. Roosevelt to life in films and documentaries, won a Tony Award and charmed audiences as the stuffy dad on TV’s “Gilmore Girls,” died Wednesday. He was 71. Herrmann died at Memo- rial Sloan Kettering Hospital of brain cancer, his son, Rory Her- rmann said. The actor, who had been hospitalized for several weeks, was surrounded by family members including his wife, Star , and his three children, his son said. “He was full of knowledge and kindness and goodness. ... He always wanted to share the great and beautiful things in life,” said Rory Herrmann. That included art, music and classic cars. The 6-foot-5 actor’s favorite role was playing President Roos- evelt, his son said, which he did in projects including the TV movies “Eleanor and Franklin” (1976) and its sequel “Eleanor and Franklin: The White House Years” (1977) and in the 1982 movie musical “Annie.” Herrmann also provided the voice for FDR in Ken Burns ’ doc- umentary series “The Roosevelts: An Intimate History,” which aired on PBS earlier this year. His urbane tones were heard on a variety of other documen- taries and on hundreds of audio books including Laura Hillen- brand ’s “Unbroken.” He had recently narrated a documentary on cancer, Rory Herrmann said. Edward Herrmann dies at 71 birthdays Actor Ty Hardin is 85. Actor Frank Langella is 77. Musician Country Joe McDonald is 73. Actor Rick Hurst is 69. Singer Steve Ripley (The Tractors) is 65. Actress Ren Woods is 57. Actress Dedee Pfeiffer is 51. Actress Embeth Davidtz is 49. Singer Brian Flynn (Flynnville Train) is 49. Actor Morris Chestnut is 46. Actor Verne Troyer is 46. Elin Norde- gren is 35. Actor Jonas Armstrong (Film: “Walking With the Enemy”; “Edge of Tomorrow”; TV: “Robin Hood”) is 34. Actress Eden Riegel is 34. LOS ANGELES (AP) — Sony Pictures Entertainment says it is expanding the digital availability of “The Inter- view” to top cable, satellite and telecom services, begin- ning Wednesday and increasing through the weekend. Starting Thursday, the movie will also be available on PlayStation Network. In a statement, Sony Pictures chairman and CEO Michael Lynton thanked the new partners and specified that the studio had always sought the widest possible dis- tribution for the R-rated comedy about an assassination attempt on the leader of North Korea. The film will also expand to 580 independent theaters by Friday . Major theater chains canceled their showings of the film amid threats against theaters. New platforms include Time Warner Cable, Comcast and DirecTV. today’s quiz Isaac Asimov’s Super Quiz Subject: BEST-SELLERS Each answer is the title of a book (over 20 million sold) with a title of five words. The initials of the title and the author’s name are provided. (e.g., Y.C.H.Y.L.: Louise Hay. Answer: “You Can Heal Your Life.”) FRESHMAN LEVEL (1 point): 1. A.T.O.T.C.: Charles Dickens 2. T.L.O.T.R.: J.R.R. Tolkien 3. T.C.I.T.R.: J.D. Salinger GRADUATE LEVEL (2 points): 4. A.T.T.W.N.: Agatha Christie 5. T.W.I.T.W.: Kenneth Grahame 6. T.A.O.H.F.: Mark Twain PH.D. LEVEL (3 points): 7. T.T.O.P.R.: Beatrix Potter 8. T.B.O.M.C.: Robert James Waller 9. T.L.G.P.E.: Hal Lindsey, Carole C. Carlson SCORING: 18 points — congratulations, doctor; 15 to 17 points — honors graduate; 10 to 14 points — you’re plenty smart, but no grind; 4 to 9 points — you really should hit the books harder; 1 point to 3 points — enroll in remedial courses immediately; 0 points — who reads the questions to you? in history Today is Thursday, Jan. 1, the first day of 2015. There are 364 days left in the year. In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipa- tion Proclamation , declaring that slaves in states or portions of states not under federal control shall be “forever free.” side lines local sports Herrmann ANSWERS: 1. “A Tale of Two Cities.” 2. “The Lord of the Rings.” 3. “The Catcher in the Rye.” 4. “And Then There Were None.” 5. “The Wind in the Willows.” 6. “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.” 7. “The Tale of Peter Rabbit.” 8. “The Bridges of Madison County.” 9. “The Late, Great Planet Earth.” today’s headlines national / world breakfast briefing All you need to know to start your day today’s weather Powerball: 17-27-37-40-53 (PB: 35) Mega Millions: 3-7-44-63-67 (Mega: 12) Hot Lotto: 10-19-27-36-41 (HB: 13) Wildcard: 4-12-17-19-30 (King of Diamonds) Pick 3: Dec. 31: 7-1-1; Dec. 30: 7-9-7; Dec. 29: 8-9-1; Dec. 28: 0-3-8 ‘Interview’ expands on-demand access Hasbro to replace phallic- shaped Play-Doh toy Hasbro, the Pawtucket-based toy company, is now doing damage control over the extruder tool in its Play-Doh Cake Mountain toy. The two-piece syringe-like tool, which includes a tube with corkscrew-type ridges around the outside and a dome-shaped top with a hole at the tip, can be used to squeeze Play-Doh to look like decorative cake frosting. Story, Page A6 Weather hampers search Families who lost loved ones aboard the jetliner endured another excruciating day of waiting Wednesday as bad weather hindered efforts to recover any more bodies and sent wreckage drifting far from the crash site. The search for 162 people who vanished Sunday aboard the Airbus A320 was severely limited by heavy rain, wind and thick clouds over the Java Sea. Story, Page A8 House fire A single-wide trailer belonging to a Dubois family was destroyed by fire Sunday night. Clark County Sheriff Bart May said the trailer belonged to Ruben Martinez-Her- nandez, who was on vacation in Mexico with his family when the blaze erupted. The family, who remain in Mexico, learned of the fire from relatives who live nearby, May said. Story, Page B3