PSY10004 SOL library tutorial 2014

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• Analyse the question, determine what you are being asked to do and how you are to do it; what are the verbs: compare, contrast, critically review, present evidence ….. • Get a general understanding of the topic, • Build a list of keywords and synonyms to allow searching using alternative terms if necessary. e.g. social value orientation, rational self-interest, rational egoism, social exchanges, triple dominance measure, TDM, social behaviours, public transportation, private transport, decision making, environmental issues, political issues, social issues…. Filling in the gaps • If you don’t know much about the topic, you may need to consult a reference work such as an encyclopaedia or subject dictionary for background and, of course, the textbook! • It may also help clarify the key concepts/words to use in your literature search. • Many reference works are now available online via Library Search or the Psychology Subject Guide (More about the guide later). Then think about: How much material you need: word limit is about 800 words. You might want to find some other supporting literature such as books , professional journal articles , or book chapters . Searching the Library Resources • You can search all the resources held at all the campus libraries: books, periodicals, audio-visual items on the shelves, e-books, periodicals in databases, In the Library website, type in keywords for the topic you are researching. Note that you’ll probably need to try different combinations of keywords; perhaps look for a handbook on psychology, to start you off: Results:

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