World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation

World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation

WSWCF unites national street workout organizations on a global level, and directs and coordinates the street workout matters and activities worldwide.

The objectives of the Federation as stated under its Articles of Association are:

a. Worldwide development of street workout & calisthenics as a social movement and as a professional sport;

b. Ensuring that street workout & calisthenics is officially recognized worldwide as type of sport;

c. Worldwide attraction of new members to the street workout;

d. Creation of new street workout & calisthenics training places worldwide;

e. Worldwide promotion of street workout & calisthenics, including, distribution of information about street workout & calisthenics on international level, organization of international educational and qualification raising events, cooperation with national and international governmental and non-governmental entities and organizations;

f. Aligning and coordinating the activity of national and regional street workout & calisthenics unions and organizations;

g. Organizing of international street workout & calisthenics contests, including, regional and world street workout & calisthenics championships, development and approval of contests;

h.Development and implementation of internationally recognized procedures for obtaining and maintaining of qualification of street workout & calisthenics instructors, including, procedures for training and certification of instructors;

i. By means of its activity to facilitate the improvement of the society members’ overall health condition and quality of life, to facilitate the social integration among different society layers and hence to contribute to development of a better civic society in national and international level.