Practical 5 TF . microscope pptx

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1. To analyse the different sizes and shapes of particles under microscope. 2. To describe the distribution of particle size and shape. In many powder handling and processing, particle size and size distribution play an important role in determining bulk properties of bulk. Microscopy image analysis can be used for determination of particle size distribution and particle shape such as aspect ratio (ratio between breadth and length) which gives valuable extra information. In addition, it gives an overview of particles dispersed in liquid or air and observation of foreign particles in the sample (pollution) where suspicion of pollution should be followed by elemental analysis by Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) to confirm foreign particles. Moreover, it measure object sizes such as mesh size of sieves. It is possible to determine the particle size distribution by number or calculated volume (0.5 µm – 2 cm). Some common diameter used in microscope analysis are statistical diameter such as Martin’s diameter , Feret’s diameter, shear diameter and equivalent circle diameter.

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