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Provider Finder Proposal : Web Development, SEO and Online Marketing 2 AL KYÉ Phone. (02) 9568 1213 Email. We are the new age architects of the digital world, creating and designing new inspirational ideas that will leave a legacy through time. From our rst meeting we will start sculpting a brand based from communication, passion and purpose. The Alkye team loves the creation of the digital age and its ability to link everyone together. •We believe the value is not in the data but in the information and insight that is revealed from it •We communicate your brand values into perceptive and engaging products, to discover patterns and relationships within complex information that would otherwise remain hidden. •We go beyond artistic expression; combining obsessive research, idea generation and design possibilities alongside creative direction to produce compelling and informative outcomes. •We believe that unied collaboration combined with user-centered design can help solve any problem and translate design vision into engaging but resolute products. Each project is tailor-made for you. At Alkye we are a motivated forward thinking web design/marketing company based in Sydney, Australia. What We Believe About Us We believe great branding & communications come from nding a tone of voice, a personality, & developing that into a clear, focused message that echoes through everything, helping customers recognise & understand not only a service, but an ethos, mission, passion & purpose. We love branding, we love digital & it’s endless possibilities, & we love deciphering exciting new ways to communicate a message & make it stick. With decades of experience the team has worked across more disciplines & industries that we’d expect anyone to listen to. We tell stories, & are always looking for the challenge of something new. We love creating work with legs, with a solid meaning, reasoning & logic underpinning it; taking a brand & rening it into a direct & focussed message, communicating a lot with a little, saying more with less, long story short. 05 Clients Satiesfed 12 Professional Team 04 Project Deliverred We voyage into the unknown by planning out the project objectives, goals and organizational requirements surrounded by human-centered research. Early creative and technical direction help us to dene the scope, user needs and functional specications. The real fun starts and where we start to design the presentation of information and apply the visual treatment of graphical elements – the look and feel of the product. The design and interaction coincide with developing an appropriate technological outcome. We conclude the project by ensuring the business objectives are answered and to unify the vision of the brand to connect with the target audience. We can help you distribute the nal product through private, or social networks. 01.Discover 02.Create 03.Integrate