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Published on November 24, 2014

  Instructions:   1.When you first get the AxelStad Hoverboard you got to hold your finger on the finger scanner for 5 seconds. 2.You have to scan your finger every time to ride 3.To unfold the pack pack press the blue button underneath the side zipper on the right side. 4.Make sure you dont hit the red button thats on the left side because it the self destruct. 5.When you want to pick up girls theres a white button that says emergency babe pick up, which will deploy a passenger seat. 6.And if you ever go over water the board turns into a regular surf board automatically. 7.And when you want to listen to the radio just say radio aloud but the board has to be on to do so. 8.And if you are wondering where to put the gas at you don't need gas because it has vents at the front of the board to run off air. 9.And if it starts to rain while you're on it a umbrella comes out the back of the board. 10.And when you step on the board the grip for it turns on automatically.