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Our mission is to provide great seed at a reasonable price. Our product managers scout out the best selections that meet the needs o our growers. We make the selections with our rst criteria being prot per acre or our partners, ollowed by disease resistance, and adaptability to the area we are selling in. Our product managers view the selections under dierent environmental situations to ensure the ratings given by the providers refect conditions in the eld. This ensures we can deliver top notch genetics suited to our customer’s acres. No area is too small or us to try and nd the right seed or. Our sales sta and dealers are second to none in their ability to service our customers, rom CCA certied DSM’s to gotcha’ covered service, plus we cover everything in between. We pay special attention to relationships or they are the oundations or every transaction we conduct. Our support sta and delivery team are always there with a riendly hello and their ability to evenly and with a steady hand work through concerns is a source o great pride with our company. I you are looking or Great Seed at a Reasonable Price, you are at the right place. I You Need Seed, Think Proseed. Keith Peltier President and General Manager Proseed 800-776-3121 WELCOME TO THE 2015 PROSEED PRODUCT GUIDE

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