LPGTank Blending or mixing of Butane and Propane to make LPG gas

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Blendingand Mixingis the processof Combination ofHydrocarbon Gases {Butane &Propane}for Production ofblendLPGfor Specific Applications . ______________________________________________ BNH GAS TANKS B-23, Mayanagri, Dapodi, Pune-411012 India Tel: 91-20-30686720 / 21/ 22Fax: 91-20-30686723 Email: bnhgastanks@gmail.com Web: www.bnhgastanks.com Identification: Petroleum Gases–Liquefied gas Uses Butane,Propane, LPG. Uses: Multi-purpose product with applications including gaseous fuel for domestic, commercial and industrial uses;Autogas in desired propane :Butane ratio for higher efficiency , High calorific value fuels , mixtures most economical type. LPG Blendingtechnique: Propane and Butane are mixed in a desired ratio in the blending tank and mixed homogenously with the help of a recirculation pump .Desired Propane and Butane quantities are measured either by mass with mass flow meter or by volume with volume flow meters . * Blending is separated in part also as follow: 1. In-Line Blending:  In-line blending mixing largest components continuously. It is better works for itsfunctions:  High Quality-Low cost  Excellent Flexibility-Quick Blending  Safety Control System 2. Batch Blending:  Batch Blending Involves measured volume of components sequentially in tank ,after it mixedandanalyzed for blend.

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