We have always been passionate about "made in Britain" and supporting British Industry. We have also always been a "buy British" business: All our cashmere clothing is made in Scotland to the highest possible standards. We build outstanding relationships with our suppliers and we work very closely to continue to offer our customers value and quality without compromising integrity. Where we do make abroad, it is because that region specialises in a particular product.

People stay at Brora for a long time; there is a real feeling of friendship and support. We are socially responsible to our employees who are cared for & nurtured; the company is run in a very personal and democratic way. This extends to the customer who becomes a friend and like good friends there is a relationship built on trust and honesty.

Brora is not about fast fashion. We produce beautifully made, timeless pieces from the finest yarn that are made to last; we like the idea of buying less and making sure that what you do buy is very special. Brora should be passed on and enjoyed by more than one generation and it is a luxury that we would like more people to be able to enjoy. Once converted to Brora it is not hard to get addicted!