ISCOM 361 Week 3 Learning Team Caterpillar Example

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Resource: pp. 148–149 of Purchasing & Supply Chain Management Write a 1100to 1250-word paper, addressing the topics below using headers to identify each requirement. Explain how an organization develops working relationships with supplier groups. • What is the advantage of integrating groups or people for a common purpose? • What is meant by internal integration? How is this accomplished? • How is external integration accomplished in the example? With whom could Caterpillar build a relationship in the future? Describe how the deal between Caterpillar and Delco was beneficial to both organizations beyond a normal supplier/purchaser relationship. • How did this deal provide each organization with a competitive advantage? • What long- and short-term goals do each organization want to achieve? • How do Caterpillar’s supply management goals relate to its corporate objectives? Use a minimum of one reference and APA guidelines apply. REMEMBER ->Use headings for each bulleted requirement

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