ISCOM 361 Week 4 Individual Assignment Eaton Corporation Example

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Individual Eaton® Corporation Example Resource: pp. 264–267 of Purchasing & Supply Chain Management Write a 1,050- to 1,200-word paper addressing the topics below. Illustrate how a purchaser would evaluate a supplier. • What are steps in the selection process? Briefly describe each step and its function in the process. • How do purchasers evaluate suppliers? What criteria must a supplier use? • How are supplier evaluations and surveys effective for a purchaser? Analyzehow an organization may reduce costs. • What cost analysis techniques may an organization utilize to manage costs? • Why is reverse price analysis necessary? What advantages does it provide to purchasers? • When is a break-even analysis used? What information does it provide? How is this useful to an organization? Explain challenges of purchasing commodities and resale goods. • What are price stabilization techniques and what effect do they have on the commodities market? • What are some commodity buying techniques? What are some risks of these techniques? • What are some challenges faced when purchasing for resale? • Why is merchandise planning important? Use a minimum of one reference and APA guidelines apply. Remember: REMEMBER: Use headings for each bulleted requirement.

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