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camera video tape still working. He took it home and placed it on the table for some days. After three or four days he got the video tape and played it on the DVD. He went to the date October 22-23 and saw who the person who had burned his car shop was. He saw who the person was and it was a teenager, he went back and forth until he got a good picture about that guy’s face. When he got the picture printed he went to the police department. They knew what school he attended to because he had a shirt about the school. When they went to that school to look for him they found him and everyone called him “The Boss”. Police began to investigate about him and he was in a gang “The Wild Boys” and he was their boss. Now they had another job; to find where The Wild Boys meet. Luis was a friend of The Boss. Luis went to jail, in jail police asked him if he knew where The Wild Boys live. He refused several times until a cop scared him with an electric gun. Luis now said where the live. Jose was really anxious of finding why they did that to him. Luis said they paid him $1000.00 to put gas and fire it up. He said that The Wild Boys didn’t like him because he had a lot of money. Finally they found The Wild Boys and put all them to jail, Jose got paid $10,000.00 from their parents. He got a better shop with that money, he also forgave The Wild Boys with one purpose, they all had to work in his shop after school. The purpose of burning Jose’s shop was to burn the money, now Jose has all them working part time. The Wild Boys ended the gang and now they know not to steal.  

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