COMM 131 - Syllabus - Fall 2014(1)(2)

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#1: Textbook • Beebe, S. A., & Beebe, S. J. (2013). Public Speaking Handbook (4 th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. [ISBN: 9780205029402]. • Note: This section does NOT require Pearson’s MySpeech Lab access! #2: Course Pack • Munoz /COMM 131–Fall 2014 [at the bookstore] What do I need to know about attendance ? … Since students get to pick the day and time that they want to attend the class, I expect them to show up! So, this means that I ’m clearing my calendar right now, so that we can work together on your public speaking skills for the next 15 weeks. Attendance is important in this class because we will DO lots of in-class activities. Thus, if you don’t have good attendance (i.e. less t han 2-3 absences for the semester), you may not be able to earn a passing grade. Here’s why: □ Attendance, coming to class prepared and being on time are directly tied to the engagement point activities that will help you achieve the goals and objectives for this course. □ Engagement point activities CANNOT be made up. If you are not in class (this includes arriving late and leaving early), you will lose the points for those activities. □ These activities account for 22% of your final grade (110 points out of 500 points) so if you are repeatedly absent or late, you will end up adversely affecting your final grade. Since occasionally “life” happens, you should know the following things about being absent… □ If you miss class, you WILL miss important information and you may miss activity points. Get the notes from someone. □ In college, “excused” absences are a MYTH!: The reality is that if you are not in class (for whatever reason), you are missing class material and skill building activities. □ This is not a work at your own pace class: If you miss multiple classes, you will miss important foundational knowledge that will hurt your ability to complete later assignments. Once it’s taught, we move on. □ It is YOUR responsibility to attend class & sign the daily attendance sheet: Absences reported directly from the sign in sheets and engagement points are recorded on them too. Make sure you sign in. I will not change or “correct” an absence after the day/time of that class session. If you don’t sign in or if you are not in the room during an activity, you will lose the points for that engagement point activity. □ Your attendance may affect your financial aid due to Title IV Funding Eligibility guidelines. Title IV Funding Eligibility Guidelines require the college to keep attendance records in order for students to maintain their Title IV fund eligibility. Excessive absences may affect that eligibility. What supplies & materials will I need ? Using Blackboard … • This class uses Blackboard to post grades, assignments, announcements, copies of class materials, and outside resources. Make sure you check your MCC e-mail account on a regular basis since all blackboard announcements are sent to that account. • Blackboard grades are updated 4-5 times a semester. It is your responsibility to check your grades on blackboard on a regular basis. You can access Blackboard by going to , clicking on the Blackboard link, and logging in with your student ID and password. If you have any questions, please feel free to see me. #3: Spiral Notebook (for taking notes) #4: Scantron Sheets • (2 needed) (i.e. the skinny ones) #5: Flash Drive (for storing files) #6: Money on your MCC ID card (for printing) #7: Blackboard Account Log-In Information #8: Tech-Smith Account Log-In Information This class uses Blackboard !

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